Track Google Meet Cost Per Hour

Google Meet Cost #

GAT+ audit provides an extensive and comprehensive view of your entire Google domain.

One of the Audit sections of GAT+ is the ‘Google Meet activity audit’. It offers you an in-depth view of all Google Meets happening on your Domain.

Part of the Meet audit is a feature called “Meet cost”.

The “Meet cost” is a calculation of how much a meeting costs your organization in terms of man-hour cost.

The method used to calculate the cost is:

    • Assign an hourly value per user.
    • This value is then used to calculate the cost of attendance for the user.

Set up the cost per user #

Navigate to Configuration → General → Average Cost per Hour 

  • Select currency – Pick the used currency.
  • Check the cost per user  – Assign costs to users based on individual, group, and OU costs.
    You can find the cost for a specific user by typing a user’s email into this search area. This will identify the highest cost assigned to that user, either directly or via a group or OU.

Add cost #

  • Add a new average cost per user – a new window will be displayed for you to fill in:
    • Scope – Select the scope of users to whom the value will be added.
    • Value – Enter the cost per hour per employee.
    • Save – Save the cost per user.

Note: In this module, you can add average costs per hour for multiple scopes of users. This cost will be used to calculate the summary cost of ‘Google Meets’ taking place in your company. Later we will cover other activities where the user’s time participation can be accurately measured.

In case of multiple scope costs over a single user (e.g. Org, Unit, and Group or multiple Groups), the more specific scope is ALWAYS selected:

  • User overrides Group
  • Group overrides Org. Unit.
  • In the case of multiple costs at the User or Group level (where a user is in two different cost groups) – the higher cost for the user’s time is selected.
  • Click on the Save button

View the Cost of Google Meets – per day #

When the Meet cost values are set up. The calculation will be done in the background and the result will be displayed in the Meet Audit section (Initially, this may require 24 hours.)

Navigate to Meet → Meet Costs 

The default Date from – Date to will be selected for the past 7 days

View the Value spent for each day in Google Meetings.

More in-depth view for each meeting #

Select any of the days (dates under) and see a more in-depth view of all the Meetings that have happened for the day.

  • View all the meetings events that have happened on the day
  • Additional info for the Meetings
    • Meeting code
    • The organizer of the Meet call
    • View all local participants
    • View all external participants
    • Cost – view the cost of the meeting

Meet details #

Click the “eye” icon on the right side under actions to see more details:

  • Meet details –
    • Conference Id
    • Meet code
    • Organizer
    • Cost – for each individual meeting
  • Event details –
    • Event summary
    • Event description
    • Creator
    • Event duration
  • Local participants
    • Cost per local participant
  • External participants
    • List of external users on the Meet


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