Make YouTube Videos Unlisted via GAT Flow

GAT Flow offers the solution to make YouTube videos unlisted for any users in the domain. GAT Flow is a very comprehensive tool for Google Workspace admins and auditors to manage users individually and in bulk in Google Workspace.

How to create a Workflow to unlist YouTube videos #

Step 1. #

Navigate to GAT Flow > Create workflow (1)

Step 2. #

In the Workflow type screen:

  • Name the workflow (2)
  • Select the type of workflow (3) – for this example Modify 

Screenshot showing how to create a workflow in Gat flowStep 3. #

In the Search for a user screen:

  • Select the users who will have their videos Unlisted

screenshot of Step 3 to search for users, OU, group or to import users

Step 4. #

In the Choose actions screen:

  • Select Add action (click on the + button on the right)
  • Search for Make YouTube videos unlisted action
  • Send approval request to the Security Officer

Screenshot of step 3 in gat flow to create the workflow to unlist videos

Result #

The Admin/auditor can check the status of the workflow and the results of the actions by navigating to the Workflow module (1).

Selecting the eye icon (2) will display more details.

Results of the workflow set above

Selecting numbers adjacent to an action (in this case “2”) will display detailed action results for each user.

Detailed result of the workflow set

There is always an option to visit GAT+ and double check the status of any videos.

GAT+ interface showing the result of the actions taken in the GAT flow

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