Create and Manage Domain Shared Contacts with GAT+

Domain Shared Contacts #

Managing domain-shared contacts has never been simpler.

GAT+ allows Google Workspace Domain Admins/Auditors to create and manage domain-shared contacts in the ‘Contacts’ audit.

Creating and managing domain-shared contacts #

Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ module in GAT+ and select the ‘Domain Shared Contacts’ tab.

The Admins/Auditors can create a domain-shared contact by selecting the + button.

Fill in the details for the Shared Contact.

  • Name – enter name
  • Email – enter email address and select its type: Work, Home or Other

  • Phones: – enter numbers (several phone types are available)

  • Addresses – enter address and its type: Work, Home or Other
  • Website – enter website address and its type

  • Organization – enter details
    • Save – save the contact

Result #

As result the Domain Shared Contact will be saved.

Existing domain-shared contacts can be deleted or edited under the actions column.

  • Eye icon – View contact details
  • Pen icon – Edit the contact detail
  • Arrow – select
    • Delete contact
    • Download contact as VCF

NOTE: When created the domain-shared contacts may take a couple of hours to be visible to all users.

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