Change the Organizer of a Google Calendar Event

Change the Organizer of a Google Calendar event #

GAT Audit tool allows Admins to manage ALL Users’ Google Calendars.

Using the Google Calendar audit feature in GAT+ an Admin can:

  • View and audit all the Google Calendars on their Domain.
  • View all future and past Calendar Events.
  • View and audit Calendar resources.

An admin can also use GAT+ to Change the Organizer of a particular Calendar Event.

Change Organizer #

Navigate to GAT+ → Calendars → Calendar Events → Select Calendar Event → Change organizer 

To “Select the Calendar event” – click the  “Apply custom filter” button and search for the Calendar Event that needs to be changed.

When the “Calendar Event” is found, click the “arrow” button under Actions.

Click the “Change organizer” button.

A new pop-up window will be displayed.

  • Current organizer – View who is the current organizer
  • New organizer –  Enter the email of the New organizer 
  • Click on the Change organizer button

Result #

The Calendar organizer will be changed. This will be automatically reflected in the Google Calendar

The Calendar event will have a new Organizer.

The Calendar organizer change will be instantly reflected in the Google Calendar.

Note: For this data to be reflected in GAT+ console, a new scan will be required



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