Change the Group Email Subscriptions Settings for Multiple Users with GAT Flow

GAT Flow allows admins to bulk change group members’ email subscriptions to selected Google Groups. The tool’s comprehensive capability allows Google Workspace Admins and auditors to manage users individually and in bulk.

The Admin can select many users in bulk and change the subscription each user has to the chosen Google groups.

Step1. #

Create a Workflow to change group email subscriptions.

Navigate to GAT Flow > Create workflow

In the ‘Workflow type’ subtab fill in the details as required:

  • Name – enter a name for the workflow
  • Description – enter a description for the workflow (optional)
  • Type – select the type of workflow ( for this example ‘Modify’ )
  • Conditional flow – enable if you would like to run Flow based on conditions (optional)
  • Run immediately after approval – set up the workflow to run right away or select a future time when to run (optional)

Screen showing Creation of workflow in GAT flow to change email subscription

Step 2. #

In the ‘Search for a user’ subtab-

  • Select the users who are members of the groups you want to change subscriptions to.
  • Click on proceed to actions.

Screen showing the next step to select the users to make changes

Step 3. #

In the Choose actions click on the ‘+’ button.

Screen showing the options to choose actions after users have been selected

A menu with different options will be displayed. Search and pick the action required ( Groups > Change group member subscription )

Screen showing the list of action sets that can be selected after clicking the + icon

When the action is selected fill in the details.

Select the group whose group member subscription you want to change.

  • Group – select the group needed
  • Subscription – change the subscription as you like
    • Each email 
    • Daily
    • Digest
    • Disabled
    • None

When ready with the change, select send an approval request (5) to proceed.

Select groups and subscription type after selecting 'change group email subscription' from the list

Step 4. #

Approval – The Security officer will receive an approval email.

Email screenshot of email received by security officer


Preapproval – If preapproval is enabled – the workflow will be set to without approval by the Security officer.

Result #

When the request is approved and the job is complete the group membership subscription will be changed.

Before #

The subscription on the groups will be > Each email

Email screenshot of the 'my groups' before the changes

After #

The subscription on the groups will be > Disabled (option selected)

Email screenshot of the 'my groups' after the changes

Results can be also seen in the Flow > Workflow > ‘eye icon’ for details.

Results of the created workflow in GAT flow

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