Manage Google Groups in GAT Flow

GAT Flow is a user management tool. It allows Google Workspace Admins to create multiple different and automated workflows to manage the users. The Admins can onboard (add users to the domain), offboard (remove users from the domain), and modify (existing) users. With GAT Flow, Google admins can also manage Google Groups, they can Create, Delete or Update Google Groups.

Groups management #

Navigate to GAT Flow > Groups 

Create Group #

From the top right corner, click on + Create Group (2)

Group tabs in GAT Flow

Fill in the details for the Group:-

General – enter the details for the group

  • Email – enter an email for the group
  • Name – enter a name for the group
  • Description – enter a description for the group

Aliases – click and add a new alias to the group

Members – click on Add member button and add members

  • Add users as – Managers of the group
  • Add users as – Owners of the group
  • Add users as – Members of the group

Screen showing the fields that open up after clicking Create Group

Group signature

The Admin can create a signature for the group too. It will be applied to the group, and every member who sends an email from the Group itself will have the same signature.

The signature can be set up manually or using a prepared template.

Signature Fiels in Group Creation

Group settings 

Finally, set up and adjust all the settings for the group.

When ready, click on the Save button.

Edit Group #

On the Group Page, select any group and click on the “pen icon” on the right side.

Modifying an existing profile in GAT flow

Change and update the details of the chosen group.

  • General – change info for the group
  • Aliases – add or remove aliases (3)
  • Members – add, remove or edit existing members (4,5)

Screenshots of fileds that open after clicking pen icon

  • Signature – the signature for the group can be added/updated(edited) or removed.
  • Settings – the group settings can be updated

Editing signature of the group on this screen

When the changes have been applied click on the Save button in the top right corner.

Delete Group #

The Admin can delete a group by clicking on the ‘X’ button.

A pop-up window will be shown to confirm. Select Yes to proceed.

Confirmation pop up window to save the settings

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