Archive Google Classroom in GAT Flow

GAT Flow is a very comprehensive tool that simplifies many processes for Google Workspace for Education Admins. The Classroom tab within the tool helps create, modify, and delete the classroom in a simple and efficient way. GAT Flow allows Google Workspace Admins to archive a Google Classroom easily when required.

Classroom status #

An Admin can set the state of the Classroom as follows depending on the actual needs:

  • Unspecified
  • Active
  • Archived
  • Provisioned
  • Declined
  • Suspended

To archive Google classroom, navigate to the Classroom module in Flow and search for the Classroom in question by using the following attributes:

  • Classroom name
  • Teacher email
  • Room number

Arrow pointing the search bar on the classrooms screen to filter the classroom to delete

When found, an Admin can edit the existing classroom’s status by navigating to the operators on the left-hand side and selecting the ‘pencil’ icon

Archive classroom #

To archive the classroom, navigate to Classroom state in the General section and select ARCHIVED from the drop down menu that appears after clicking the arrow.

Save changes #

Click on one of the Save buttons visible on the top or lower right corner of the dashboard.

The Google Classroom will be archived instantly.

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