Daily Removal of Drive files set as ‘Public with Link’ via a Scheduled Report

Remove Drive files set as ‘Public with Link’ via a Scheduled Report #

GAT+ allows Google Workspace admins to automate Google Drive management actions using scheduled reports.

In this post, we’ll show you how to automatically remove permissions for all documents in Google Drive that are shared with a link by filing a Scheduled report in GAT+.  

Create the specific filter in Drive that meets your requirement to find the desired scope of the files that their sharing permissions need to be revoked.

To do so, please go to GAT+ > Drive > Files filter by Public with link permissions.

Then click on the Scheduled button, and fill in the required details

  • Scheduled – enable the report to run as a scheduled report
  • Occurrence – pick a time suitable for you
  • Enabled  – enable the report
  • Recipients – pick who to receive this report 
  • Apply and Schedule

The report has been created and will run based on the Occurrence time.

Take action on the report #

Navigate to GAT+ > Configuration > Scheduled reports where you can find the log of your scheduled report

From the right side under Actions click on the Job Action Edit button.

Select External > Remove only the following External Shared and enter “public with link”

Under Configure

  • Status = enabled
  • Report only – the Shares will not be removed, only the report will be generated and sent to owners – if the option chosen
  • Notify local users – If the option is used – the users will receive an email as explained above including the Email subject and Email message.
  • Save settings – click to save the report 

Result #

Depending on the settings enabled, the Report will run automatically every day (occurrence time selected) and the shares (result of the filter applied) will be automatically removed. 

Removed shares – The record of the Share removal will be kept in the Admin Log.

The result will be visible in GAT+ when a new scan of the Drive metadata is completed. The shares (public with link) will be removed from the selected files.

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