Wipe users Google calendars with GAT+

GAT+ allows a full audit of your Google domain and users’ calendar. Google Workspace Admins of the domain can view and audit every aspect of their domain.

The Calendar audit allows many changes to be taken on the user calendars.

The Admins can view users’ calendars metadata, they can also modify the permissions on each calendar and now, they can also Wipe the calendar of their users when required.

Find calendars to wipe #

Navigate to GAT+ > Calendars (1) > Calendars (1) > Wipe calendar

This action can be taken on any calendar that has a Primary user.

You can apply filters as required to find the calendars that you want to wipe.

After identifying the calendar, click on the Wipe calendar (3) button on the right-hand side of your screen.

Find the users calendar to wipe in GAT+

When this is selected a pop-up message will be displayed.

Confirm and agree with the action if you want to proceed further.

I confirm that I want to remove all events in this calendar. I’m aware that this operation is irreversible.


  • As a result, events shared with others will disappear from the guests’ calendars. They’ll become effectively canceled, and they’ll still appear in the calendar’s event summary sheet.
  • Additionally, for each event that the user has been invited to, the invitation will become declined, even if it was accepted prior to this action. In that case, the user will still remain on the attendee’s lists.
  • This action will affect only the user’s primary calendar.

Pop up message to confirm the action to wipe calendar

Result #

When the action that is to be taken is understood and confirmed.

The selected calendar will be wiped.

Review in Admin log #

The result of the action taken can be also seen by navigating to the Admin log.

admin log screen showing the details of the wipe calendar action

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