Add user to access specific Folder

GAT+ is a tool providing a full Audit of the Google Workspace domain.

GAT+ allows an extensive audit of the Google Drive of the domain.

Unlock is functionality within GAT+ that allows the Admin to take multiple actions to the Drive files of the domain.

Admin can use Unlock and add a user to have access to a specific Folder for any Folder within the Domain users.

This can be done via Unlock feature within GAT+. Below are steps on how this can be achieved.

Find the Folder #

Navigate to GAT+ > Drive > Files > Apply custom filter

In the Filter, enter the search parameters to find the Folder needed.

For example:

  • Type – Simple filter
  • Definition
    • Owner equal – enter the user email
    • Type equal Folder
    • Title contains “Marketing”
    • Click on Apply to see the result.

The above filter will give us the result.

When the Folder in question is found, we can apply the change to it and Add the user to have access to the Folder and its content.

Apply change on Folder #

On the Title of the Folder click on the “arrow button” to open a submenu.

Click on Apply permission change to this folder (recursive)

A pop-up window File management will be displayed.

Fill in the required details to add an additional users to the Folder itself.

Request actions for selected 1 file(s) Note: changes will be applied to all files inside the folder and its subfolders (including parent folder)

Select what permission to grant the new User who will be added to the Folder itself.

  • Add – click on the Add field
  • Files and Folders
    • Add following users as Viewers:
    • Remove other permissions

Click on the “Next” button or click on “Summary“.

In summary – view the result of what actions to be taken.

When ready click on the Send Request button.

Approval #

A request email will be sent to the Security officer for Approval.

It will lead them to GAT+ > Configuration > Security Officer > File management > Approve request 

Result #

When the request is approved the new user will be added to the Folder and its subfolders as Editor (option selected above).

View in GAT+ #

When the GAT+ scan completes, you can see the result on the Folder and see that the new Contributor (access) has been added.

View in Drive #

The new Added user will see the Folder under “Shared with me” in their Drive.

Revert changes #

The details of the change can be seen in the Admin Log.

The Admin (security officer) can also revert the changes by clicking on the “Revert changes” button.

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