Setting Date and Time Formats in GAT+ or GAT Shield Console

In GAT+ and GAT Shield, we can set the Date and Time Formats visible in the UI level as well as Import/Export date format

Each admin can adjust the date and time format

Change settings in GAT+ #

Open GAT+

Click on the user name

An option called Settings will be displayed

Set up the view according to your preferences and Save

The Date and Time format will be changed for different audit sections where the date and time format is presented

As an example, in Drive, the updated data is presented in date and time format

The UI will be presented according to the saved settings


The same will be in the Email audit and every other section where date and time is presented 

Change settings in GAT Shield  #

Open GAT Shield

Navigate to General under Configuration

Under the Date format, select any of the options available

When ready click on the Save button

Navigating through different sections of the tool

For every tab where the Date and Time is presented, it will be displayed in the selected, date format

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