Teacher Assist Admin Settings

Teacher Assist is a tool that allows the Teachers of Google Classrooms to view and control the browsing activity of their students in real-time.

By default, the tool can be used by any user of the Google Workspace domain who is a Google Classroom Teacher or Super Admin.

The Admins can set up and use Admin controls over the Teacher Assist tool.

Teacher Assist Admin Settings #

The Admins can log in to Teacher Assist and will be able to see all the Google classrooms of the domain.

1. General settings #

The Admin can set up the Timer visibility 

Navigate to Teacher Assist> Admin > Administration > General 

Enable or disable Timer and set up its time

Teacher Assist Admin Settings

2. Sessions #

The Sessions tab will show all the session (classroom) names and their details.

Navigate to Teacher Assist> Admin > Administration > Sessions

Teacher Assist Sessions

3. Time limits #

The Admins can set up Time limits for the use of Teacher Assist.

This is used for the Admins to allow or disallow the use of Teacher Assist.

For example:

  • Enable – enable Teacher Assist to be used at the selected times
  • Off – No time limits are applied (default)
  • Disable – disable Teacher assist to be used at the selected times

Teacher Assist Time Limits

4. Access rights #

The Admin can set up different access rights for the teachers.

There are different access rights that can be enabled for teachers.

Teacher Assist Access Rights

The access rights can be set up by the Admin

Clicking on the + button will display access rights options.

  • User – select to whom the Access rights will be applied for
    • All – all users of the domain
    • User – select specific users
    • Group – selected group of users
    • Org. Unit – selected org. unit of users
  • Area – select access rights.
    • All – all access rights to be enabled
    • Access to students’ drive – allow access of the Teacher to the student’s drive
    • Student drive can be viewed – the Drive of the students will be accessible
    • Create & Edit groups – the Teachers can create (add students/users to Teacher Assist groups
    • Edit group – the Teachers can only edit groups
    • Access to reports – allow the Teachers to view and access the reports
    • Teacher – “Teacher” is a person who can use the application, teachers are automatically users who have classes or groups assigned or have been granted a role as a teacher when the role is actively revoked/blocked the user can not use this app.

Teacher Assist Admin Settings

5. Action log #

Finally, the Action log – is a log shown to the Admins where details of the use of Teacher Assist will be logged.

Teacher Assist Action Log

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