How To Audit Email in Google Workspace

GAT+ accommodates email audit capabilities! Google Super Admins or delegated auditors are able to gain insight on email content search and user statistics.

Navigate Email Audit #

To begin launch GAT+ and select the ’email’ section as below,

Now that we are in the email section we can apply a ‘filter’ to fetch data on a certain email user for a specified period of time.

Fill in the relevant fields indicated below and apply the filter.

Email Content Search #

Next, to dig deeper we can apply an ‘Email Content Search’.

Set rules can be defined to drive the search, in this example, we are trying to find emails sent ‘From’ ‘OR’ To a specified user email, ‘After’, and ‘Before’ set dates.

User Statistics #

In this section, we can filter by date and user and see all sent/received emails. Here we can see all emails sent/received by the user. Clicking on the values will lead you to the emails tab.

Result #

This information is presented after an ‘Email Content Search’ or Navigating through the ‘User Statistics’ values.

  • Orange user emails will indicate that this User is not in your domain (external).
  • Emails presented in a black background and white letters indicate this user is suspended.


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