Discover and Identify Inactive Google Groups

Are you having trouble finding unused inactive Google groups? #

GAT+ has an audit that identifies the ‘last use‘ date of all Google Groups, even if that is a future date.

Looking at Google Group names used in email, file sharing, calendars, and group activity, it identifies if the group was in use recently or even if it is part of a future scheduled event, thus allowing the Admin to make a safer judgment call on whether the group can be deleted or not.

For example:

  • Last used – when the group was last used and what for
    • If “in a year” – it means it is a calendar “future” event scheduled – (Calendar future event (Calendar event start date)
  • File Use date – when the group last used Files
  • Email Use date – when the groups last used for Email
  • Calendar Event Start Date – when a calendar is set to be used
  • Group Member Addition Date – when a group is last used for adding a member

Navigate to GAT+> Groups > Last used address

Filter by any of the fields explained above.

Last used of nested groups #

Admin can also view the “Last used of nested groups”. This is a colum that shows if nested group part of the group is also used.

You can enable this column to be visible on the UI.

Select Groups > Last used address > Column selection > Last used of nested groups > enable checkmark

The nested groups can also be seen in Group details 

Select any Group > eye icon (group details) > Nested groups 

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