Students who have Not Submitted Work for Assignments (Google Classroom)

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Using GAT+ you can run a report to see which students did not submit an answer for an assignment created by a teacher within Google Classroom.

To generate this type of report, follow these steps:

Launch GAT+ and navigate to Classroom > Classwork Submissions tab.

Admin can apply filters to find what they are looking for.

Apply filter #

For example:

  • State equal New
  • Classroom equal – enter the classroom (when selected the ID of the classroom will be displayed)
  • Apply – click to apply the filter

New means that work was not uploaded or submitted.

Result #

The result that appears is a list of students who have not submitted any work for the assignments within that classroom.

You export the results to a Google Spreadsheet (with submission summary)

If you wish to see all unsubmitted work by students do not narrow the filter to a particular classroom.

In the Google sheet, the Admin can filter by more details.

Filter by

  • Submitted – number of submitted work
  • Not submitted – number of not submitted work