Searching for Google Calendars

Within GAT+, Admins or delegated auditors to have many different options to search and audit Google Calendars.

In this post, we will cover two quick ways to find Calendars that users have access to.

  • Searching using an Org Unit
  • Search using a Google Group

Get started #

In GAT+ click on the Calendars audit from the menu on left.

Then click on the “Apply Custom filter” button from the right side.


A pop-up filter will be displayed. Change the “Type” of search to the following:

  • Calendars from a particular Org Unit
  • Calendars by Group

Org Unit search #

Selecting “Calendars from a particular Org. Unit”, enter the Org. Unit starting with forward-slash (/). Please select and the exact OU name as it is visile on G Suite

Group search #

Select search by Group and enter the Group name or email address. This field displays auto-suggestions. It is also case insensitive.

Result #

Using the above searches will give you the result of finding the calendars based on Members of the Group or Org.Unit.

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