How to Find the Space Used on Google Drive

GAT+ provides an in-depth Audit tool for any Google Workspace domain.

One of the Audit sections is Users providing the admins with an extensive in-depth view for all the users of the domain.

One of the sections for Users is the Quota used.

Quota used by individual users #

Navigate to GAT+ → Users → Quota 

This will display the Storage quote used by individual users

  • Quota available – Available quote per user
  • Quota used – The used Quota per user
  • Quota used for Drive – Quota used for Drive
  • Quota used for Gmail – Quota used for Gmail
  • Quota used for Photos – Quota used for Google Photos

Quota used by Group or Org.Unit #

Additional filters can be applied.

  • “Apply Custom Filter” and search for Groups or Org. Units.
  • Export data into Google spreadsheet
  • Calculate the Quota
  • The result will show the combined used Quota per group or org. unit 

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