Actions Available when Onboarding Users in GAT Flow

Using GAT Flow allows the admin to use multiple Actions when onboarding a user.

Below are the steps required to OnBoard Google Workspace users and a list of all the additional actions that can be taken.

Open GAT+ and select Flow

A new Flow tab will be opened on your browser.

Create Workflow Type #

From the menu on the left click on Create workflow.

Create workflow window will be displayed.

  • Name – enter a name for the workflow
  • Type – select the workflow type
    • Onboarding – Onboard users
  • Next – click on the button to proceed

Search For A User #

In ‘Search for a user’ pick any of the option

  • Select domain
  • Pick the prefix for the user email
    • First name, last name, the first letter of the last name, etc
  • Users – select to import users or add new users (via UI)
    • Import users – click to import users via spreadsheet
    • Add a new user – fill in the details of the new user
  • Generate user password – generate a password for the user
  • Send user password – sent password to the user
  • Password receiver – pick who to receive the password

Add the users and fill in any details required:

  • First name – enter the first name
  • Last name – enter the last name
  • Password – enter the password
    • Generate user password – click to generate password automatically
    • Send user password – send the generated password to specific users
      • Password received – enter who to receive the generated password
        • Manager – the Manager of the user will receive the password
        • User private email – the private email will receive the password
        • Workflow creator – the person who created the Flow request will receive the password
  • Email – will be created based on selected prefix
    • Click on the “arrow button” to show additional data for the user
  • Manager – add a manager by searching and picking up a user to be set as a Manager for the created users
  • Private email – enter private email
  • Job title – enter a job title
  • Department – enter department
  • Employee type
  • Job description – enter job description
  • Cost center – enter the cost center
  • Work address – enter work address
  • Work phone – enter a work phone
  • Mobile phone – enter mobile phone
  • Recovery phone – enter recovery phone and use
  • Employee id – enter employee id
  • Building ID
  • Address me as – field used usually for Email Signature
  • Gender – select any of the gender options available
    • Female
    • Male
    • Other
    • Rather not say

When the users are added click on Proceed to actions. 

Under Choose actions you pick and enter any of the actions available to be performed on the newly created user

Click on any of the options from the menu on the left side. This will move them to the right side where data can be filled in.

List of Onboard actions #

The list of actions that can be taken while offboarding is as follows:

  • Email – actions for Google Email
    • Send email
    • Set up auto-reply
    • Set email auto-forwarding
    • Set email delegation
    • Set POP
    • Set IMAP
    • Create email filter
    • Create gmail label
  • Drive – actions for Google Drive
    • Copy folder to selected users
    • Folder, Shared Drive permission change
  • Calendar
    • Add user to calendars
    • Share user calendar with specific people
  • User – actions for users
    • Set as super admin
    • Set email signature
    • Set user role
    • Copy user contacts
    • Change user password
    • Change user password at next login
    • Change user organization unit
    • Suspend user
    • Set time zone
    • Set user manager
    • Set address me as
    • Set user’s preferred language
  • Group – actions for groups
    • Add user to Groups
  • Classroom – actions for Google classrooms
    • Add users as a co-teacher to existing Google Classrooms
    • Add users as students to Google Classrooms
  • Devices – actions for devices
    • Change google license assignment
  • Actions – actions for workflow

When the actions are selected and filled in, click on Send approval request below the action list.

A pop-up warning message will be displayed.

The request will be sent to the Security officer for approval.

From the menu on the left click the Workflow tab to see details.

Result #

When the request is approved by the Security Officer, the Workflow will be set to run.

When completed, the user will be created and added to your domain alongside all the selected actions while OnBoarding.

Workflow details

The status of the request can be

  • Requested – send to Security officer for approval
  • Approved – the Security Officer has approved the request
  • Job status – will show the status of the current workflow job
    • Scheduled – when is set to run
    • Done – when the workflow has been completed
    • Partially done – when completed partially
      • Eye icon – click on the eye icon to view more details
  • Eye icon – the purple icon on the right side will show all details for the Flow request
    • Save as action set – save the Workflow as an action set for easy later use
    • Edit – edit the workflow and apply changes

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