View total size of Drive filter applied

Drive audit #

GAT+ is an audit tool for Google Workspace domains. It provides an extensive and detailed view of the entire domain.

As Drive audit it allows the Admins to view all the files and folders on the Google domain.

The Admin can apply any filter to find the Files and Folders of the domain.

Apply filter #

The Admin can navigate to GAT+ > Drive > Files 

  • Select any of the Types
  • Apply custom filter

The result of the Filter applied will be displayed below.

Show stats for the current filter #

When the result is displayed there will be a new button displayed, called Show stats for the current filter

This will re-calculate the stats from the filter applied and show stats based on its result.

View total size #

This new table will show Stats for the current filter 

  • Total (number ) files/folders – found as a result of the filter
  • Size ( number ) bytes – the total size of files shown as a result of the filter applied

This would be useful if you want to see the total size of the video files you have in your domain for example.


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