Export addresses that sent an email to another user with GAT Flow

GAT Flow is a bulk action admin tool for Google Workspace. It can be used to take action on a group of users all at once. It can also be used to export addresses that sent an email to another user.

Generating the report on a group of users can be useful in a number of situations. Take the following one as an example.

Example case


Step 1. #

To begin, click the Users tab in GAT Flow on the left hand side.

Type the first part of the users email address into the search box to find the user you want to extract the list of senders from.

When you have located the user, click the dropdown arrow on the right hand side.

Select Extract senders addresses.

Step 1. Extracting senders addresses

Step 2. #

We know that the list of email addresses required are all under the label ‘Holiday Competition’, so we will put in:Holiday Competition as the query.

Set the appropriate amount of addresses to limit the export to, in this case we will leave it at 100.

Step 2. Putting 'Holiday Competition' as the query.

When you are finished, click Confirm.

Step 3. #

The system will begin extracting the addresses in the background, depending on the amount, this may take a few seconds.

When it is finished, a green modal will appear.

Step 3. Exporting sender addresses

Clicking the View button in this modal will open the list of addresses in a spreadsheet in a new tab.

Opening the list of addresses in a spreadsheet

We can now send this spreadsheet back to the HR Department and they can copy the list, and paste it into the ‘To:’ field in Gmail, to send them all an email.

Click here to see how to do this step in GAT+.

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