User logins IP/Location correction

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Sometimes database information can have a bad record and this is a hassle for auditing specifically in this case of user location.

In GAT there are many areas of the tools where user IP and location are used for auditing and alerting.

In case of a false positive due to bad records, you can now manually adjust the IPs to the correct location.

To amend the IPs location navigate to User Logins > Login IP


Next, find the IP that you want to correct and select the wrench tool next to it under the actions column.


Result #


False positives regarding this IP will no longer trigger an alert rule. For example, Due to a bad record, the IP above is being triggered for Liberia where the admin has set an alert rule for all users logging in outside of Europe’s geolocation. Now the admin will double-check this with the user in question and amend the IP in the tool to Sweden where it is correctly located.

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