Manage Google Calendar Resources in Google Workspace

GAT+ offers an extensive Google Calendar audit where Admins/Auditors can report and manage any Calendars, Calendar events, and Calendar resources in their Google Workspace domain. In this post, the focus is on how to manage Google Calendar resources.


Manage Google Calendar Resources #

Navigating to the ‘Calendar’ module the ‘Calendar Resources’ tab becomes visible. The default view is all the Calendar Resources in your Google Workspace listed with relevant audit data.

Here new resources can be created and existing ones can be edited/copied/deleted. A spreadsheet of the audit view can be exported.

Managing Google Calendar Resources


A filter can be launched with the ‘funnel’ icon that allows you to specify the audit you want to see in the view. It’s possible to search for Calendar Resources using numerous variables.

Calendar Resource filters


Calendar Resources can be edited.

Resource editing


Selecting the ‘events’ icon will take you to the events audit of the Calendar Resource.

Selecting Calendar Events

Bulk Google Calendar Resources Management #

Calendar resources can be selected in bulk to be edited or deleted.

Modifying many resources

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