Scheduled Report to replace ‘Public’ with ‘Public with link’ permissions in Google Drive

With GAT+ you can create a scheduled report that allows you to identify and replace all files with ‘Public’ to ‘Public with link’ permissions in Google Drive, read below to see how!

Apply the desired filter and schedule report #

Go to GAT+ > Drive > Apply custom filter > Sharing flag contains Anyone in domain 

Next, select Scheduled > choose Occurance time > check Enabled > select Recipients

Once ready, Apply & Schedule

Create Scheduled report Google Drive

Create Filter to identify links open to anyone

Replace “Public” with “Public with link” #

To generate a job go to GAT+ > Configuration > Scheduled reports

Create Scheduled Report Google Drive

Next, find the earlier generated report and select Job Action Edit button that can be found on the right side of the scheduled report.

The Scheduled job details window will appear.

Select Replace > Replace “Public at” with “Public at with link” 

Under Configuration > select Status Enabled

Once all is ready, Save settings

replace public with public with link in Google Drive

The scheduled report will be triggered as often as requested during the process, and the scheduled job will be executed as selected:

  • All “Public” permission to the files in the domain’s Drive will be changed to “Public with link”.

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