How to Migrate Bulk Emails in Google Workspace

Migrating Bulk Emails in Google Workspace via GAT Flow #

GAT Flow is a user management tool that provides email migration allowing Google Admins to copy bulk emails from one user of the domain and migrate them into another.

Email migration is an option available in Flow for OffBoarding and Modifying existing users

Steps to do this action #

Flow #

In GAT+ click on the GAT+ icon and open Flow from the menu.

Workflow type #

Select and click on Create workflow from the menu on the left

Pick and add a name for the workflow, and select the type as Modify or OffBoarding.

An example is for “Modify” workflow

The steps for OffBoarding are similar

Click on Next to proceed.

Select user #

In Search for a user, pick the user you want to work with.

Important, select the user whose emails will be migrated to other users

Add individual users, groups of users, or org. unit.

When the user is selected, click on Proceed to actions 

Choose actions #

G Suite email migration allows copying emails from one user into another.

To Add action or Add action set, please select the plus button shown in the screenshot below accordingly.

If the process hasn’t been set before, please use Add action button and create the node.

Select the Migrate emails option from the menu:

In Migrate to select the user where the emails will be migrated into.

Select one of the options

  • Days back – allow 365 days back of emails
  • Quantity limit – a select the number of emails to be migrated – allow max. 10000 emails
    • Query – use Gmail query (optional)
    • Include spam and trash (optional)
    • Target user label name – enter a label name (optional)

For this example:

  • Migrate to – Manager (select any user needed)
  • Quantity limit of 1200 emails

Click on Send approval request

Security officer #

The security officer will receive an email notification for this approval.

Once it is approved, the job will take effect and the email migration will start.

Workflow #

You will be navigated to Workflow. Click on the “eye” icon to view details for before and after it is approved

Approval #

The details can be seen on the Approval page, depending on the number of emails and users involved it might take some time.

Clicking on the eye icon will display info for the job done.

Result #

The result for the affected user will be displayed as below. All 1200 emails are migrated.

Video #

How-to video below

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