Change user passwords in bulk (Google Workspace)

GAT Flow allows Google Workspace admins to change passwords of multiple users.

In this post we’ll show you how to Modify and change users’ Google Workspace passwords in bulk.

Note: This requires the Unlock feature

How to change user passwords in bulk in Google Workspace? #

Open GAT+ and select Flow

A new Flow tab will be opened on your browser.

Create Workflow Type #

The Flow will be open on a new tab.

From the menu on the left click on Create workflow.

Create workflow window will be displayed.

  • Name – enter name for the workflow
  • Type – select the workflow type
    • Modify – modify existing users
  • Next – click on button to proceed

Search for a user #

In ‘Search for a user’ pick any of the option

  • Search for a user – select individual users
  • Search for a group – select group of users
  • Search for a OU – select Org. Unit of users
  • Proceed to actions – click to proceed further
Select from Group or Org. Unit – select individually if you want to exclude some of the users from the list and click on Add button
GAT Flow | Change user passwords in bulk 5

Proceed to actions – click on the button when the users needed are selected

GAT Flow | Change user passwords in bulk 6

Choose actions #

To Add action or Add action set, please select the plus button shown in the screenshot below accordingly.

If the process hasn’t been set before, please use Add action button and create the node. 

In Add action menu different actions will be shown.

Find and click on the Change user password option under the User tab

Change user password #

Fill in the details

  • New password – enter the new password – only new password will be added
  • Change password at next login – enable or disable the option to auto-force the end-user to change their password
    • If only this option enabled – the password wont be changed by Admin, but end-user will be forced to change the password next time they need to login
    • Both fields filled in – New password is added and checkmark for Change password at next login enabled
      • both passwords will be changed and they will be forced to change it at next login
      • Password receivedWorkflow creator (by default) 
  • Generate user password – when the option is enabled, the password will be auto-generated
  • Send user password – when the option is enabled, a workflow creator will have the option to select Password receiver: Workflow creator, Manager or User private email

Send approval request when all is set. 

Security officer approval #

Send approval request – click on the button to send the request for approval

The Security officer will receive an email notification, with details on how this request can be approved.

When approved, the action will take an effect and all passwords will be changed.

Result #

Workflow details

The status of the request can be as follows:

  • Requested – send to Security officer for approval
  • Aproved – the Security Officer has approved the request
  • Job status – will show the status of the current workflow job
    • Scheduled – when is set to run
    • Done – when the workflow has completed
    • Partially done – when completed partially
      • Eye icon – click on eye icon to view more details
  • Eye icon – the purple icon on right side will show all details for the Flow request
    • Save as action set – save the Workflow as an action set for easy later use
    • Edit – edit the workflow and apply changes

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