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Introduction #–F7myoHs

Using the metadata retrieved using GAT+. The Classroom Insight area includes information about submissions of assignments. The Student Submission Summary tab will display the students and their submissions in greater detail.

This can be useful if an admin, teacher, or guardian needs to present data of students’ submissions activity to the school.

Delegate access. #

Learn how to delegate access to non-google super admins here.

Student Submission Summary #

This section is where the admin, teacher, or guardian can view Students’ names, and the classroom they are enrolled in.

For each of the Classrooms, the admin or auditor will be able to view the Assigned work.

Assignments #

For the Assigned work – how many are submitted 

Submissions #

For the Submitted – how many are submitted on time, submitted late or not submitted

Reports #

The percentage of Submitted only classwork and overall (including not submitted (given score of 0).

How to access #

In GAT+ navigate to Classroom Insights from the left-hand menu.

From the top bar click on the tab Student Submission Summary

As a result of this summary table, a list of students will be displayed, alongside the OU they are located and the classroom name.

All the data you want in one place. #

In terms of Classworks, you can see:

  • Assigned
  • Submitted
  • Submitted on time
  • Submitted later
  • Not submitted
  • Score percentage
  • Submitted only
  • Overall

For each of the Classrooms, the percentage will be displayed for each of the classwork.

Noteworthy #

If the student submitted, but the teacher has not graded it (or not graded it yet) we are treating it as 0.
So if a student submits an empty assignment it is treated as 0

  • Submitted = only if student-submitted classwork
  • Overall = for not submitted we’re treating as 0 points

Apply filter to search for specific use-case and find the results you need.

Export the data #

The data can be exported into Google Spreadsheet or CSV downloaded.

The Spreadsheet will be presented as below and additional filters can be applied




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