Transfer Files ownership of a suspended user

Ownership Change with GAT Unlock #

GAT Unlock feature within GAT+ allows Admins to change ownership of Google drive files.

The users must be active (not suspended or deleted).

If your users are Suspended, use the Admin console (or GAT+) to ACTIVATE them, then perform the change ownership below

First, you need to have your file or folder ID.  

Go to GAT+ >  Drive > Files Tab > and apply custom filter for File ID

How to Transfer Files Ownership of a Suspended User? 1
Apply filter to find File

Action on File #

For the File you can click on the checkmark beside the title of the file then the File operation button then File management.

Action on Folder #

For Folder click on the arrow beside the folder name and then select “Apply permission change to this folder (recursive)”

How to Transfer Files Ownership of a Suspended User? 3

In both cases, a new window will be displayed called ‘File management.

  • File: Request actions for selected 1 file(s) Note: changes will be applied to all files inside folder and it’s subfolders
  • Folder: Request actions for selected 1 file (s) Note: changes will be applied to all files inside folder and it’s subfolders (including parent folder)
Change ownership menu

Files and Folders – change ownership

  • Change selected file’s owner – enter email of the user who you want to change ownership to
    • In Google Drive each file can have only one parent folder. By default when changing ownership to a new owner MyDrive a shortcut is created to the original file (this preserves permissions inherited from the folder where the file was placed)
  • Move file – By choosing this option you are requesting to move files directly to new owner MyDrive (note: inherited permissions can be lost in the process)
    • Warning: If file has multiple parents they will be reduced to one. This change cannot be reverted.
  • Deny access for old owner – By default when ownership is changed, the previous owner is added as an additional contributor
  • Untrash file – If any files are in the Bin folder, they will be restored and taken out of the trash during the ownership transfer
  • Custom path – Custom folder path for the files to be placed in, enter the folder name followed by the forward-slash (/), for example, folderX/
    • Without ancestry path (FM_requestId/From…) – disable the “custom ancestory path created by GAT+

Choose and fill in any additional changes you would like to do on the selected Files/Folder.

Click Next to proceed, and in the summary tab, click on ‘Send request‘.

Security Officer #

This will be sent an email notification to the Security Officer to approve the request.

When the request is approved, the Ownership of the selected FilesFolder, and subfolders will be changed.

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