Chromebook Usage of Enrolled Devices

Introduction #

You may want to know what Chromebook fleet or batch is not being used as much as others. To determine this, you will need to know what Chromebooks are not being used. You can generate a report of the total amount of time spent on a Chromebook using the GAT Shield console and the companion Shield extension. Granted that your Chromebooks are enrolled and ideally organized into Device Org Units within the Google Admin Console.

Getting Started #

Launch the GAT Shield console while signed in as a Google Workspace Super Admin or as a Shield delegated auditor. Navigate to the Browsing menu and Chrome Device Summary tab.

Note: Recorded browsing data is retained for only 60 days anything older is permanently deleted.

The most common scopes I would recommend are:

  • All Enrolled Devices
  • Device Org Units

Export All Data to Spreadsheet #

Once the charts are displaced, click on the Export option to see the full list not covered in the chart.

Converting Seconds into Hours within Google Spreadsheet #

You may what to see the values in hours rather than seconds. Please type this simple formula into the cell and drag it down.


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