How to Measure Chrome Extension Usage

Your users have lots of Chrome extensions installed, are they all being used? GAT Shield has a partial answer to that question.

Google provides no API to measure extension activation. However, some extensions can open web pages when in use.

We can track this use through Browsing.

The site name for the extensions is “chrome-extension”.

Additionally, the extensions might be represented by a code. With GAT you can map this code to a meaningful name so that is how it appears in reports.

Find chrome extensions #

Navigate to Shield > Browsing > Data explorer > Apply filter

  • Site name equal chrome-extension

Result #

This will report all extension pages that were opened

Copy the Site URL

You can search by the URL – address and see what is the exact extension.

For example:

  • From the URL: chrome-extension://ggaabchcecdbomdcnbahdfddfikjmphe/layout/editor.html
  • Extract and use: ggaabchcecdbomdcnbahdfddfikjmphe in Google search.
  • This will give the result of the Extension itself.

Add a tag to the extension #

You can also tag these pages as ‘extensions – the name of extension’ for easy filtering and reporting.

Once a tag is applied, you can filter for this app in the Browsing Explorer with the tag marked ‘Chrome Capture’.

View the extension and the details of when and by who is used.

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