Block or Restrict Access to Zoom for your Google Workspace Users

GAT Shield now allows admins to disable the Zoom Chrome Browser.

This feature is useful for schools if they want to block Zoom access for students, or if you want to block Zoom Access for your Google Workspace users during working hours.

Block Zoom #

  1. Open GAT Shield.
  2. Open the Configuration tab.
  3. And click on Zoom Access.
  4. The first option is to Disable Zoom by selecting the checkmark option ‘checked’ for Zoom disabled and ‘unchecked’ for the rule not to be applied.
  5. Select ‘Scope’ and choose the users who you want to block from using Zoom. 
  6. Check the ‘include sub. org units’ if desired
  7. Save and the rule will be applied.


Restrict Zoom #

Apply the rules as above while taking into account time restriction as below,

  1. click in Time Restriction by selecting the checkmark option ‘checked’ for Time Restriction and ‘unchecked’ for the rule not to be applied.
  2. This action will display a new section where you can select the blocking time from Start to End as well as the days that you want to apply the rule for, these days will appear in grey when it is inactive and dark blue when it is active.

Result #

Once the rule for blocking or restricting Zoom access is applied it will take about 15-20 min for the rule to propagate to all of your users.

Note: If Scope is not selected and the ‘Disable Zoom’ is selected – the rule will be applied for all users all the time – until the rule is ‘Deactivated’ by all options being ’empty’.

Note: Disabling Zoom and blocking Zoom chat will work only on Chrome Browsing activity.

It will not block the Zoom application installed on the device.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to reach out to