YouTube Browsing Audit

Overview #

GAT Shield allows admins to view users browsing in real-time. This helps admin see and manage the browsing of the users.

We have implemented a new audit section for YouTube browsing only.

Using this YouTube filter Admins can check and see and audit all the videos the users are watching.

YouTube  #

In Shield navigate to YouTube audit from the menu on the left.


YouTube explorer #

View and explore all the videos the users are watching.

Check what the user is watching, for how long, and when.

Filters can be applied to find all videos viewed by a particular user.

View the video #

You can check directly from the UI the content of the video.

Simply click on the camera icon on the right side of the video under Actions.

Actions #

If the video is owned and published by users of your domain action can be taken.

Copy the Title of the video, then navigate to the GAT+ YouTube audit.

Apply filter and search for the “Title” of the video.

Select the check-mark beside the Video ID and change the status of the video if you need to.

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