Global Allow List

Global Allow List from GAT Shield #

GAT Shield has a Global allow list that will override URLs defined in Site Access Control rules.

This will be helpful when Admin wants to allow a specific page that is being blocked by Shield – Site access control rules.

To apply this we need to navigate to GAT Shield.

Navigate to GAT Shield #

Under configuration click on Site Access Control tab

Navigate to Site Access Control #

Site Access Control is where Admin can set up a block list of pages that will be blocked.

They can be manually added or System defined Site access categories used.

When the page is blocked, the users where the rule is applied will not be able to open the sites

Global Allow List #

However the Global Allow listwill overwrite the blocklists and allow the set URLs to be opened.

To do so open the Config tab in Site Access control

Two options under Global Allow List #

  • IP Blocking
  • Global allow list

In Global Allow list admin will have the options to add different entry types.

  1. Given URL only
  2. Given IP only
  3. Given URL and descendants
  4. Regular expressions

Click on Add entry  and select Allow list entry type

Choose any of the options

Enter the URL or regular expression #

Then in Allow list entry – enter the URL or regular expression and click on Save.

The saved Global allowed list sites will be displayed.

How does the Rule Work? #

The rule works in this way.

The webpages in Site Access Control –  that are blocklisted will be blocked.

But the added URLs added in the Global Allow list will be allowed to be opened.