Teacher Assignments Overview

Teacher Assignments is a unique new tool from GAT Labs which aims to assist teachers in ensuring the integrity of the assignment or homework given to their students.

Assignments draw on GAT Labs’ deep integration with Google Workspace to create a monitored environment within Google Workspace for Education in which students can complete their tasks. It is integrated with G Suite, Google Docs, Google Classrooms, and Google Chrome to provide a single overarching solution to problems created by products such as Chat GPT in the answering of homework assignments.

Assignments Unique Features #

  • Integrated with Google Classrooms
  • Built on Google Docs
  • Student monitored by AI for the complete duration of the response
  • Analyses to detect if the named student is the one typing (using Active ID)
  • Cut and paste control
  • A full accounting of typing activity, duration, characters typed, deletions, returns, etc.
  • If pasting is allowed, the teacher has a full review of pasted sections
  • Submission deadlines for assignments
  • Post submission Chat GPT analysis 
  • Automatic notification to students of new assignments
  • Students can work on assignments from anywhere using Chrome browser (non-android)
  • Automatic notification to teachers of completed assignments

Three Unique Key Features #

  • Copy/paste feature – the teacher can block the copy/paste action on the document (Google doc). A teacher can create an assignment in Google Docs and use that URL as the basis of the assignment they are going to send to students. When sending this URL the teacher will have the option to block any pasting into this Doc. If the teacher does not have a template document, the tool will open a new blank one automatically for the teacher.
  • ActiveID – based on this algorithm it calculates the way the student is typing on the keyboard. Based on these interactions it can distinguish if the student is typing the text themselves or by someone else. It will compare the text against our ActiveID to compare the patterns of typing by the user, and based on the result will generate a graph showing the result.
  • ChatGPT – it will also compare the text in the document with ChatGPT-generated content and based on this will give the result of whether the Text segment is “real” or generated by ChatGPT – as “fake”.

Note: No tool yet developed can guarantee 100% the veracity of any work submitted, but by checking across a multitude of metrics and maintaining monitoring control on the document, we believe we can give the teacher unprecedented insights into the originality of the work.

Assignments Requirements #

The solution will require Google Workspace for Education, Google Chrome, and GAT Labs Manage Plan for Education and can be either purchased separately or as part of Teacher Assist.

Assignments Availability #

The tool will be available in general release later this summer (2023). It is currently only available to selected existing GAT Labs customers who are using Teacher Assist.

Teacher Creates Assignment #

Navigate Assignments  > +Create assignment 

You will see a pop-up window.

Enter the New Assignment name > click on OK

Creating new assignment

Fill in the details for the assignment:

  • General – fill in the fields
    • Name – the name of the assignment
    • Description – enter a name for the assignment (optional)
    • Due date – select the due date (optional)
    • Apply – click to save

Editing new assignment

  • Settings – set up settings for the assignment:
    • Template URL – Leave it empty or enter a URL to use it as a template. Each student will receive an individual copy of the template
    • Prevent paste in doc – enable/disable this function on the assignment doc. If enabled the users will not be allowed to use Copy/Paste on the Google Doc
    • Apply – click to save

Settings for new assignment

  • Students – enter the students for the assignment:
    • User – add students individually
    • Teacher Assist group – add students in bulk via the Teacher Assist Group
    • Classroom – add students as members of specific classrooms

Adding students to the new assignment

  • Report – will be blank until submitting the assignment and students submit their work

Deployment #

When ready with the details for the assignment click on the Deploy button.

The “Deploy” will submit the assignment to all the students.

A pop-up message will be displayed to confirm the deployment.

Confirming deployment of new assignment

Result #

As a result of deployment, the students will receive the Google Doc assignment (via email or CRX extension).

Students Actions #

Email Notification #

Each student will receive an email notification to open the Assignment as below.

Email notification for a student about a new assignment

Shield CRX View #

The student will also see the notification in their Shield extension.

To do so, click on the Shield CRX in your Extension (puzzle icon) of the Chrome browser.

This will be available and flagged in the Shield CRX (Open version deployed).

Notification in their Shield extension

Notification in the Shield CRX

The student can take action:

  • Eye icon – see details
  • Pen icon – start/edit assignment – this will open the Google doc
  • Arrow up – submit the assignment

Actions a student can take on the assignment

Control the Assignment – Prevent Paste in Doc #

When setting up the assignment, if the “prevent paste in doc” is enabled, the students will see the message below:

Text pasting has been disabled for this page by the School Authorities.

  • If enabled – the students cannot paste into the document
  • If disabled – the students can paste it into the document

"Text pasting has been disabled for this page by the School Authorities" notification

Submit Work by a Student #

After completing the work, the students can submit it from their email (Mark as done) or the Shield CRX (Submit).

Submitting work done by a student

It will be successfully submitted to the teacher.

Assignment submitted successfully

Students will also receive an email confirmation of the submission.

Result & Report #

When the student submitted the assignment, the Assignment feature will work in the background and check the submitted Google doc.

It will scan its content and generate a report for it.

Teachers will also receive an email confirmation of the submission.

The teacher will also receive an email confirmation from each student when the assignment is checked and the report is ready.

Email confirmation from each student on the completed assignment

View Report #

As a result, you can view the report of the assignment by clicking on See report in Teacher Assist.

The teacher will go to Teacher Assist > Assignments.

Events Stats #

The report will show:

  • Student name
  • Time of the work
    • Work started on
    • Submitted time
    • Time spent
  • Events stats
    • Cut – if there was a “cut” from the doc
    • Copy – if there was a “copy” from the doc
    • Paste – if the paste was applied or attempted
    • Space – spacebar used while typing
    • Backspace – back spacebar used
    • Return – enter button pressed
    • Typed chars vs Chars in Doc
      • number of typed characters and characters shown on the doc

Report for assignment

AI Stats #

Additionally, the report will also show ActiveID and ChatGPT real/fake scores.

  1. ActiveID – Confidence that the user completing the assignment is the student – Method 1
  2. ActiveID – Confidence that the user completing the assignment is the student – Method 2
  3. ChatGPT – Likely Real or Likely AI generated scores for different text segments

When hovering over the charts, you will see the percentage deviation of the data.