Set an alert for shared out Drive files by any given user

This simple post explains how to set up an alert for a report triggered whenever any specified user shares Drive files externally.

Firstly, make sure GAT+ is installed on your domain with the corresponding license.

Setting up Alert for shared out report #

Once GAT+ is launched, navigate to Alert Rules and add an alert using the plus icon.

  • Enabledtick
  • Select Type = Drive
  • Scope = User
  • Recipients =email recipients of the alert, this can be a user or group email.
  • Select custom for the Alert if the regex matches a newly shared out file and name the rule in this case “Shared out alert”
  • Input the regex pattern [\s\S]*
  • You can choose to notify user and/or remove shares.
  • Save the alert – will activate the alert to trigger whenever any file is shared out for specified users.


The rule can be viewed, edited, or deleted by selecting the icons shown below.

Result #

The recipients selected in the rule will receive an email report on any shared out files.